As its name implies, Intrigue Publishing, LLC strives to publish books that intrigue the reader, that is, they will arouse the reader’s curiosity with their unusual, new, fascinating and compelling qualities.

Intrigue Publishing, LLC is interested in novels between 60,000 and 100,000 words in length that fall into the following genres: urban drama, young adult, crime drama and romance.

Intrigue pays royalties that are competitive in the industry and, on acceptance, an advance against royalties based on a book’s commercial potential.

Intrigue is affiliated with the one of the largest worldwide distribution companies; Small Press United (A Independent Publishers Group Affiliate) and is always looking for more ways to get books into brick and mortar bookstores as well as through online bookstores. Our marketing efforts are based on the marketability of the author as well as the book. We build a strategic marketing plan that will give us the best avenues for giving the book and the author the best chance for success.

Intrigue Publishing, LLC accepts electronic submissions only. Manuscripts should be “attached” as a Word or .txt document, in Times New Roman or Arial font, double spaced with one-inch margins all around and a header that includes the authors name and page number. Authors interested in publishing with Intrigue should submit the first 50 pages (or to the end of that chapter if necessary) of their completed manuscript, a one-page synopsis, a short author’s bio and a short discussion of the novel’s target audience and any marketing or promotion ideas the author has. If you do not follow these guidelines your submission will not be accepted. If you would like to submit to Intrigue please send all of the above information, properly formatted to .