Crime Fiction

Intrigue publishing embraces a broad spectrum of stories under this genre. Cozy, traditional, and hard boiled mysteries can stand beside police procedurals. Espionage tales and just about any kind of thriller or suspense story might find a home with us – as long as it is filled with intrigue and holds the reader’s attention from beginning to end.

Current Authors

Annie Rose Alexander - Author of Retribution, An NFL Linebacker, Brian Williams, is found dead in the middle of the street in the Nation's Capitol. Other famous athletes are murdered one by one in the following weeks. The serial killer stumps the police and FBI by using a different method in killing each victim. Homicide Detectives Ariel Summers and Paul Costello interrogate Brian's Wife, who hires Private Detective, Jason Steele, not knowing that Jason is Ariel's boyfriend. Jason and Ariel clash when evidence surfaces that causes Ariel to arrest Brian's wife. But as the death toll continues to rise, the citizens of Washington, DC panic. When Ariel and Jason's close friends and family members are threatened to be the next serial killer's victims, they are forced to work together on a plan to trap the nation's most dangerous and cold-blooded assassin.

Austin S. Camacho - Author of the popular Hannibal Jones Mystery series and Stark and O'Brien action series. Austin has also just published the first in his new police detective series titled Beyond Blue. Beyond Blue features a team of unique and intriguing detectives whose only purpose is to help police officers in trouble. The story follows four of the agency's cases, which overlap and intersect: An undercover officer is in danger of really being drawn into a life of crime; a crooked lawyer is destroying police careers by making arresting officers appear to have violated criminals' rights; a cop's wife accuses him of abusing their daughter; and a retired police detective could lose his job in airport security because of drugs being smuggled in through JFK International. Pursuing these cases is a team of unique and intriguing detectives. The agency's director, the enigmatic Paul Gorman, sits at the center of the action, pulling the strings to direct his team to solve their cases and cover each other.

DB Corey - Author of Chain of Evidence, a tale of Moby Truax, an aging cop working a serial killer case that could make a cop's career. The problem is, his career is over. Financially strapped, Truax struggles with the toll the years have taken as his new captain looks to justify replacing him. Truax recognizes that the MO has changed, and recent victims are suddenly younger, prettier. He disregards his captain's orders and questions the evidence that points to a lone killer. He suspects a copycat, but to keep his job, he must convince his new commander by overcoming the only flaw in his theory--the evidence itself.

Jeff Markowitz - Author of Death and White Diamonds, a brilliantly funny and quirky story of Richie's girlfriend suggests a romantic getaway, promising him a week-end he will never forget. So why can't he remember what happened, when he finds her lifeless body on the beach? Richie is fairly certain he didn't kill his girlfriend, but his memory is hazy. One thing, however, is clear. When Lorraine's body is found, he's going to be the prime suspect in a murder investigation. If her body is found. Disposing of the body turns out to be harder than Richie could have imagined. Losing it, however, is easy. Did you ever have one of those days? And we haven't even gotten to the bad part yet.

Current Crime Fiction Novels


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Current Crime Fiction Short Stories

Michael Black - Author of Havana Nocturne, With US relations with Cuba, you can relive the past with this mystery/espionage short story set in Cuba right after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Ed Teja - Author of Author of Death of a Sandman, A local man is found dead on the beach near a resort. The head of security for the resort joins with the local policeman, Johnny Cliff to try and untangle the mystery from other local issues. The criminal might be a tourist, and tourists come and go. Both want the mystery resolved as quickly as possible to serve the causes of justice and tourism.